INR Management

The INR Management Program has been instituted to support our patients who use pharmaceutical anti-coagulants to aid in the prevention of blood clot formation which increases risk of heart attack or stroke.  Careful monitoring of blood clotting using INR measures is essential.  Patient education is also necessary to ensure patients understand their conditions, medications and preventive health strategies.

Program objectives include:

  • To provide consistent, accurate and timely monitoring of patients’ INR levels with concurrent treatment recommendations.
    • To make “point of care” INR testing available for patients within the primary care physician’s office and communicate results immediately
  • To support patients in achieving and maintaining INR levels that are consistently within recommended range
    • To provide effective education and information to patients that supports their understanding of their medication regimen including indication, schedule of administration, side effects and contraindications on their admission to the Program
    • To respond to patient questions and concerns about their INR and medications as they emerge
    • To refer patients for more intensive investigations and/or specialized education if INR levels remain persistently outside of target range

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