CMG Site

The Caroline Medical Group (CMG) site houses 9 physicians who work together as a team and collectively care for approximately 15 000 patients.  There is a wonderful staff of approximately 50 (including reception, business office, nursing, nurse practitioners, social workers, a pharmacist, dietitians, and health service assistants) at this site.  We are located at 3305 Harvester Road, Units 15-20 in Burlington on the north side of the road between Guelph Line and Walkers Line.

Our physicians at the CMG site include:

  • Dr David Wallik
  • Dr Lori Chalklin
  • Dr Stephen Duncan
  • Dr Chris Williams
  • Dr Dana Pintea
  • Dr Alicia Gallaccio
  • Dr Kim Walsh
  • Dr Robert Tohn
  • Dr Helena Liu
  • Dr Curtis Kelly
  • Dr Sandra Marcela Charman

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