Coping with Coughs & Colds

What you may feel …

Usually lasts …

Treatment that may make you feel better …

Call your doctor if …

Fever & Chills

About 5 days

Drink clear fluids such water, ginger ale or 7-Up.  Use Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Panadol,
Tempra).  Also, take a comforting bath.
Fever returns after the initial fever has gone.

Sore Throat

About 5 days

Drink clear fluids (see above) and use throat lozenges or hard
Sore throat last longer than 5 days or swallowing difficulty gets
worse day by day.

Dry cough

About 3 weeks

Try using a cool mist vaporizer and use a cough suppressant. There are long coughing spells or your breathing becomes laboured.

Congested nose

About 12 days

Run a cool mist vaporizer.  Use
a nasal decongestant spray (like Otrivin or Sinex). Do not use for more than
3 days in a row.

Headache & Muscle Aches

About 3 days

Use acetaminophen as suggested above.
Take a comforting bath.

Loss of Appetite

Usually people aren’t hungry when they have a cold.  Drinking fluids is most important.