What is MyChartTM?

MyChartTM is a free, secure, online tool that provides your patients with easy 24-hour access to their health records from select hospitals in southwest Ontario.

What Information is Available?

With a MyChart account, patients can access their health records – anytime, anywhere. There is no cost to the patient or your organization to use this tool. Accessible records include:

  • Allergies
  • Hospital Discharge Reports
  • Lab Results
  • Medications
  • MRI, CT & X-Ray Reports
  • Pathology & Genetic Report

Patients are also able to view any COVID-19 test results that have been resulted through hospital systems.

Patients will also have the ability to document their own information in their personal health record, such as immunizations, their weight, and more. Records may be shared electronically with family members and caregivers.