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Are you ready to quit Smoking?


WE CAN HELP! We have staff certified in smoking cessation counselling We are able to provide you with FREE Nicotine replacement therapy (eg the nicotine patch, gum, etc) for up to 26 weeks Call and ask for an appointment in our Lung Health Program or with our Pharmacist

Are you ready to quit Smoking?2015-04-22T17:04:40-05:00



My neighbour had shingles a few months ago and is still having pain. What is shingles? Shingles is a rash that develops when the virus that causes chickenpox is reactivated. When we have the chickenpox (varicella virus), we experience a fever and then a blistering itchy rash that goes away over days to weeks. Most [...]




Measles is an easily spread respiratory infection that is caused by a virus. Most people in Canada have immunity against measles. Those at risk are infants under one year of age and those born after 1970 who are not vaccinated. People born before 1970 are most often immune due to previous exposure. Children need 2 [...]

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